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Business Financing

Make Your Hardest Working Product Work for You

Small business owners always face the challenges of entrepreneurship: rent/mortgage, taxes, employees, overstock. The list can seem endless. But have you considered what is working in your favor? Your best-selling product or service. Determine what sells best at your small …

Business Tips

2015: The Year to Become an Entrepreneur

Whether you are just beginning to explore entrepreneurship, own several businesses, or are in the process of opening your own business, there are some things you can do to increase your chances for success. Here are some tips to grow …

equipment financing

New Year, New Business

If you are beginning this year with the goal of opening a new business, you are probably reading, or looking to read, everything you possible can about starting one. Watching videos and speaking to other entrepreneurs are also likely on …

Business Tips

How to Reduce Start-up Costs

Perhaps the most stressful part of starting a small business is the financial aspect. Will I get the money I need? Will my loan application get approved? How will my business’s cash flow be? Every entrepreneur wants to reduce start-up …