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Business Plan Should Have The Potential To Disrupt A Big Market

For new entrepreneurs there are serious questions to be answered. It can be questions like ‘How to start a business’ and where to approach for help to write a business plan. Then there may be concerns over approaching right SBA counselors and about estimates related to start-up costs.

One interesting and lucrative thing that an entrepreneur can do is to make a business plan that has the potential to disrupt a big market. By doing so, profits follow and an entrepreneur can make money. But in today’s business environment it is not easy to disrupt a market as competition from all ends is too great. This is why entrepreneurs need to approach counselors for preparing a sound Business Plan.

Facebook is just a good example of such disruptive business plan. The business model is such that it made immediate money without advertising for years. Last year the company earned $4 billion in revenue. This can be the case with every sector and not just social media marketing. A sound witty business plan works and does miracles.

An entrepreneur can find loans based on his business plan. The loan figure can be big if the business plan is attractive. Time should be invested in business plan so that it appears sound to lenders. If the plan is good then a business owner can approach lenders for funds, can spend the loan amount, and then return back to the lender for more funds. This is how an enterprise can grow.

Biz2Credit Logo This article was submitted by Raj Tulshan, Director of Business Development of Biz2Credit. Biz2Credit is a small business marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with financing options and advice to grow their business. Send all questions to info@biz2credit.com