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The “Whys” of Entrepreneurship

Faith Stewart
By Faith Stewart
on January 23rd, 2013

Faith Stewart has a BBA with a major in accounting and spent 10 years working in the various aspects of accounting and finance before pursuing her passion for writing.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. If your get your idea out there and find it is going to be the basis of a great business, then there are the obstacles that come with starting and running a small business. While money is often made, and that is very much a good thing, there are a lot of easier ways to make money.

So what is it that makes people take that leap into the entrepreneurial unknown? Why would anyone leave the comfort of a steady job and steady income and jump into the unknown waters of starting their own business? Here are just a few reasons.

To Break Out of Boredom

Going to the same job day in and day out, regardless of the income, can become monotonous. Those with an adventurous entrepreneurial spirit often feel trapped or crushed under the weight of the boredom. This drives them to find something “more.”

To Find Self-Fulfillment

Many small business owners will tell you quickly that they felt very unfulfilled in their old lives. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that however hard it has been, they are much more fulfilled by owning and running their own business. They are able to do something they are passionate about, and that goes a long way in life.

To Have More Flexibility

Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? While often the nature of the business dictates what has to be done and when, there is no question that running your own show definitely has its perks.

To Share Knowledge

If you have a great idea that you know others could benefit from, you can’t help but want to get it out there. Whether you have the best cupcakes, the best cleaning service, or the best dog grooming skills, human nature is to let the world know.

To Help Others

In this economy, any new business that offers jobs and an opportunity to get more cash spent into the economy is a good thing for everyone. When jobs and spending opportunities are created, everyone benefits. Being a business owner also offers opportunities to give back to the community by sponsoring youth teams, giving to charities, and other philanthropic activities. Even the greats like Magic Johnson see the joy in this.

“Being able to touch so many people through my businesses and make money while doing it, is a huge blessing.” – Magic Johnson

If you are feeling the urge to let your own entrepreneurial desires out of the bag and start your own small business, don’t delay. There is nothing stopping you. Get help if you need it. The first step is writing a business plan and getting small business funding. Sites like Biz2Credit.com not only connect borrowers with lenders such as banks, credit unions, and other alternative lending institutions to help find small business capital loans and lines of credit, but they can also help with getting a professional business plan together. Do not wait to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Get starting today.

Biz2Credit Logo This article was submitted by Faith Stewart. Faith Stewart has a BBA with a major in accounting and spent 10 years working in the various aspects of accounting and finance before pursuing her passion for writing.